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Abbey Road Crossing given Grade II Heritage Status  
22nd-Dec-2010 10:17 pm
btls revolution
The zebra crossing at Abbey Road - the feature of one of the most iconic LP covers ever (arguably only second to The Beatles Sgt Pepper's cover) has been given the recognition it deserves with it being listed as Grade II heritage status today. 

Following the famous Abbey Road studios where The Beatles recorded all their albums, which was given similar recognition back in February this year, the iconic zebra crossing is now also preserved as a significant cultural landmark. This is the first time a landmark such as a zebra crossing has been given Grade II status which is usually only given to buildings. Heritage minister, John Penrose made the decision to protect the crossing, saying that although the crossing is "no castle or cathedral", it had "just as strong a claim as any to be seen as part of our heritage... As such it merits the extra protection that Grade II listing provides."

As any Beatles fan will know, when in London on of the first things you must do is to make a pilgrimage to Abbey Road and re-enact the famous Abbey Road  crossing picture (much to the annoyance of many motorists!) It is good to know that the possibility to do just that will be preserved for years to come! 

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