Atom Retro (atomretro) wrote,
Atom Retro

'Quadrophenia' The Stage Play features clothing from Atom Retro

The new stage version of 'Quadrophenia' chose some Atom Retro womens wear to promote and advertise recently!

Featured were some of our Womens Mod Clothing, including the Madcap 'Cavern Girl' Checkered Dress (see above) and the Madcap 'Chelsea Set' Dress...

...Also worn here with the 'Nancy' Go Go Boots and 'Portobello' Polka Dot Shoes.

And of course, no Mod girl is complete without her Sixties Houndstooth Coat! Quadrophenia picked our 'Eliza' Houndstooth Chenile Womens Coat and we all think it looks fab!

Quadrophenia is touring the UK now, so if its near you go and see it! Check their website for more info.

Tags: mod girl, quadrophenia

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