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Mens and Womens Retro Clothing and Mod Fashion
Atom Retro New In - Outlaw & Chelsea Dagger Chelsea Boots! 
12th-Sep-2011 04:12 pm
Atom Target
The latest Madcap England Mens Footwear designs have just arrived at Atom Retro. Primed for your Mod Clothing and Retro attire, the 'Outlaw' and 'Chelsea Dagger' Mens Chelsea Boots are super styled and totally awesome takes on a Sixties Mod classic!

The perfect accompaniment for all manner of Retro Clothing combinations - The iconic Chelsea Beatle Boots are back for AW11 with a bang!

'Outlaw' - 'when things look bad and it looks like you're not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean'.... and that's when the 'Outlaw' Mens Sixties Mod Chelsea Boots come into their own. A stylish Retro reincarnation of a true footwear classic with built in Indie credentials and a devilishly cool Rock and Roll vibe. A footwear rebel, 'Outlaw' conjures up a whole lotta cuban heel and leaves you staring down the barrel of a fully fashioned Sixties Winklepicker toe. The elasticated gusset feature is iconic of the original Chelsea Boots and with a crisp and clean Retro panel finish, 'Outlaw' trigger an electric charge to visually stun. An instant Indie hit, 'Outlaw' by MADCAP ENGLAND.

'Chelsea Dagger' - Clean and sharp and that's just the toe - just like a dagger these Mod Winklepicker toes get straight to the point... A Chelsea Boot that kicks an Indie beat and Rocks a tune all day long. 'Chelsea Dagger' are brilliant Retro Mod flat heel chelsea boots with an easy block heel and sleek silhouette. Perfect for tailored Mod suits as well as casual Indie attire, 'Chelsea Dagger' are a true Retro masterclass in footwear. Pull them on and let the 'Chelsea Dagger' lead the way, because... When the 'Dagger' falls on the dancefloor....

...the rest is history!

You can buy both the 'Outlaw' and 'Chelsea Dagger' Mens Chelsea Boots online at AtomRetro.
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